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Xero Pricing Plans for Small Businesses

Xero offers 3 main plans (Plus Payroll) to choose from that starts at $9/ month and goes up to $180 per month.  A more detailed look at Xero Pricing Plans for Small Business is below.  

Xero Free Trial
Regardless of the plan you need, starting with a 30-day trial is a great option.   The trial allows you full access to the use of Xero which will then help you decide which plan you need for your business.


Xero’s 3 Pricing Plans

1. Starter Plan  $9/ Month

This is meant for the business owner just starting out.  You are able to add and send 5 invoices and 5 bills each month.  You also are able to import and reconcile up to 20 transactions per month.   When you’re starting out this may be perfect as you likely don’t have much activity running through your bank accounts.   

The difficult part of this plan is the 20 bank transactions.  Depending on the business you are starting, you may find yourself having more than 20 bank transactions per month especially when you incorporate the expenses.  

2. The Standard Plan: $30/ Month

This is the most popular plan among my clients.  This gives you full access to Xero as long as you don’t need multi-currency.  As a bonus, you also get to run payroll for up to 5 employees included in this plan.  There is no limit to a number of invoices, bills, or bank items you can send or reconcile.  This is also the first option if you are using Xero to run payroll.  

3. The Premium Plan $70 per Month

This plan typically is used if you need to have multi-currency function.  Multi Currency is if you are sending out invoices or adding bills with different currencies than your own countries.  This is also used if you need payroll for more than 5 employees, but less than 10.

The next two plans are strictly if you have more than 10 employees on payroll.  You get the Premium Plan + the ability to run payroll for more than 10 employees.  

Premium 20  $90 per month

Running payroll for more than 20 employees, but less than 100.  

Premium Plan $180

Premium Plan + running payroll for 21 – 100 employees.

 Xero Pricing- 1

Best Way to Sign up for Xero:

You can jump right into one of the plans above or you can start with a Xero Trial—-30 days of free use of Xero.  Promo Code Discount Tip:  At the end of the trial come back to this page and grab the promo code out of the ad below to enter and get a 30% discount for 3 months.   

Xero Pricing 2
Xero Promo Code

Xero typically offers a promo code that allows you 30% off you up to 6 months depending on the promotion.  

When you go to start paying after the 30 days trial, you can still use the promo code to get the 30% discount for 3 months.   Note: You mat have to turn off your ad blocker to see the ad below with the promo code.  


Most small businesses are either starting Xero from scratch or converting Quickbooks Online over to Xero.  We put together a post on how to convert your Quickbooks Online to Xero.